Hail to the Other Other King, Baby!

No, it’s not Elvis and it’s not Duke Nukem. It’s not even Stephen King, the king of horror, whose books are the stuff of legends. No, it’s about a congressman from Iowa named Steve King who dared to say something that was once considered common sense.

Steve King, from Iowa, affirmed that demographics actually are a factor in the way civilizations function. Oh, the humanity!

Of course, progressives are having a meltdown. New York Times, as per usual, brought out the reg flag tags of “white nationalism,” “superiority to other races,” and the creme da la creme of oh-shit-they’re-winning tags, “Ku Klux Klansman.”

The great irony is that the psychosocial injustice whiners agree with Steve King without actually wanting to admit that they agree. What upset them is not the comment about civilization and other people’s babies. They agree with that. It is the statement about saving civilization that triggers them.

Other people’s babies will not save a civilization, but it will destroy it. And not only that, but other people’s babies will save a civilization, but not the civilization they are trying to destroy. That is why the progress addicts are so big on immigration. They are trying to destroy Western Civilization with other people’s babies that will be used to build their civilization, even if they do not know what hell they are building.

And these retards, who are an insult to the more intelligent mentally retarded, only have vague ideas of dreamy things like Equality™, Diversity™, and World Peace™. But before their new world can be built, they have to get rid of the old one. You know, the one where people believe in Christ and Church and family and virtue and men and their own children and their own people.

So the progress pushers know that to achieve the King’s Dream™ (Martin Luther King, Jr., who should never be hailed), Western Civilization has to die and to kill a civilization, you kill all of their little babies.

Or replace them with someone else’s.


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